JUMP Chrome Extension, Best Scenes, Watch YouTube Videos, Watch Videos Online


An exciting scene, the winning wicket, the knockout punch or the scenes of your favorite actor, JUMP right on it! An intelligent browser extension that cuts the clutter and takes you to the clips that matter.

Just click on the marked bars or the dedicated JUMP controls or press the ‘N’ key to watch the best bits of every online video. Now no more dragging the seekbar, time to see what you seek with JUMP!

JUMP Chrome Extension, Best Scenes, Watch YouTube Videos, Watch Videos Online


Still randomly clicking through online videos? JUMP’s revolutionary AI analyses and detects every scene change in a video, so you can make a short jump straight to it.

Just use the JUMP controls or hit the ‘N’ key to move 5 to 15 seconds forward or the ‘B’ key to jump back.
You can even make a long jump to a highlighted scene in the video. Go ahead, take a shot at it!

JUMP Chrome Extension, Search Keywords Features, Watch YouTube Videos, Watch Videos Online


Ever hunted for a specific word in a video? Felt like looking for a needle in a haystack, didn’t it?

With JUMP, you can search from a list of words frequently occurring in the video and land on the exact moments the selected term occurs. You can take our word for it!

A whole new video-viewing experience is here!

The Team

Jump Team
Pranav Mishra
Co-Founder, CEO
Drives innovation in the team.
Past: Nokia Research Centre, AMD, IITB
Jump Team
Vishal Kumar
Co-founder, CTO
Leads the software stack.
Past: Nokia Research Centre, TI, IITB
Jump Team
Swati Akhouri
Principal Consultant - Brand, Marketing and Communications
Provides strategic branding and marketing inputs.
Past: EY, Genpact & Action Aid
Jump Team
Mykhailo Onikiienko
Software Engineer
Codes the browser front-end.
Past: Numerous extensions on the chrome store
Jump Team
Sowjanya Konduri
Algorithm Engineer
Works on Computer Vision technology.
Past: Stayzilla, IITKGP
Welcome to Jump!