Instant Click Points

These points could be a change of scene, a change of gameplay in a sporting event, or change of speaker in a discussion.

Jump to these points by clicking on the markers or on the purple jump button. Oh! And, if you prefer using the keyboard, pressing the ‘N’ key works too.

Short Jumps

Our AI identifies the next scene change and lets you do a short jump to it. These short jumps are no more than 15 seconds apart. Use this, instead of a random click or a 5-second seek forward through arrow keys.

Jump to these points by clicking on the purple arrow keys. And on the keyboard, use the 'N' key for a short jump forward, or the 'B' key for a short jump backward.

Instant Search

Jump provides a list of frequently occurring words, from the video transcript, for you to search from. Jump will list every time your selected term occurs. Just click on any of its occurrences to move the video to the matching moment.

Steps to get you started


Pranav Mishra
Co-Founder, CEO
Drives innovation in the team.
Past: Nokia Research Centre, AMD, IITB
Vishal Kumar
Co-founder, CTO
Leads the software stack.
Past: Nokia Research Centre, TI, IITB
Chayan Roy
Head of Experience
Believes in holistic XD.
Past: Directi, Tata
Innovations Lab
Mykhailo Onikiienko
Software Engineer
Codes the browser front-end.
Past: Numerous extensions on the chrome store
Sowjanya Konduri
Algorithm Engineer
Works on Computer Vision technology.
Past: Stayzilla, IITKGP
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